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2 Best San Francisco Hop-On Hop-Off Buses 2020 By Popularity

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Big Bus Sightseeing

Overall Popularity: 

Big Bus is a hugely popular San Francisco hop-on hop-off bus tour. It receives very high praises from tourists mainly for two reasons.

First, travelers really enjoy the live guides on the bus, who are enthusiastic, entertaining, friendly, knowledgeable, and informative.

Second, travelers are also satisfied with the frequency of the Big Bus San Francisco. They say the bus often arrives in 20 minutes.


Day Tour - Red Route : Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Haight Ashbury, Lombard Street, Chinatown, and 15 other stops. This is the most popular route of the Big Bus tour, and it includes some of the most famous and iconic attractions of the city. If you can only take one route, please take this.

Night Tour - Blue Route :The 2-hour San Francisco Panoramic Night Tour departs from 6:30pm and 7:00pm. The tour is also very popular. Based on our research, it’s only slightly behind the red route, in terms of popularity. Furthermore, many travelers taking the tour enjoy it a lot, and regard it as the best part of their Big Bus San Francisco experiences.

Sausalito Tour - Green Route :Golden Gate Bridge and 4 other stops. Significantly less tourists take the Sausalito Tour, so it’s the least used route of the three. However, people taking the tour think the time is well spent. It’s an often-missed, but enjoyable tour experience of Big Bus San Francisco.

Free Walking Tours : not an official route, the 4 free walking tours are included in all 3 types of tickets described below. Each walking tour takes about one hour and is led by a qualified guide. It’s an option not frequently used. One traveler mentions his family is the only group of people in a walking tour. However, visitors taking the free walking tours nearly unanimously recommend them.


Deluxe Ticket - 2 Days : the ticket includes all three routes and the walking tours. The online price is $68 for an adult. The on-street price is $75 for an adult. Our research indicates the dynamic ticket is the most popular ticket for Big Bus San Francisco. Many tourists seem to think 48 hours is ideal to enjoy all major attractions of the city.

Classic Ticket - 1 Day : the ticket includes both day tour (red route) and 4 walking tours. It doesn't include night tour (blue route), and Sausalito tour (green route). The online price is $45 for an adult. The on-street price is $50 for an adult. Based on our research, we think the 24-hour ticket ranks second in terms of popularity among the tickets. Quite a few travelers choose the option to have a concise tour of San Francisco.

Premium Ticket - 1 Day : the ticket includes all three routes and the walking tours. The online price is $59 for an adult. The on-street price is $65 for an adult. Less people choose the ticket, because it’s more expensive than the 1 day classic ticket. However, we think the night tour is a nice addition to the original day tour.

Night Tour : you can purchase a seperate ticket for the night tour if this is what you only need. The online price is $30 for an adult. Based on our research, we think few tourists buy the ticket. We don't think the ticket is very attractive in terms of cost effectiveness.


While many buses have live guides, travelers say some buses only offer pre-recorded commentary. The consensus is the live guides are far better than the recorded commentary. So if you are on a Big Bus with a great live guide, you may want to enjoy the bus a little bit longer, before hopping off.

If you plan to stay in San Francisco for several days, you may want to take the Big Bus tour at the beginning of the trip. By doing this, you get an overview of the city quickly, and decide which parts of the city may interest you most, and explore them more thoroughly later.

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The day tour (red route) is included in the Go San Francisco Card. So if you buy a Go San Francisco Card, you can take the Big Bus day tour for free.

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Part 2: 1 More Popular Hop-On Hop-Off San Francisco Bus

City Sightseeing

Overall Popularity: 

City Sightseeing is a popular hop-on hop-off bus tour provider for San Francisco.

City Sightseeing operates 4 routes in San Francisco:

- Blue Route - The Official City Tour
- Red Route - The Downtown Tour
- Purple Route - The Sausalito Tour
- Brown Route - The Muir Woods Tour

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